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Trails and Cross-Country


CEC offers over 3 miles of on-property trails which are open and available for year-round trail-riding. The paths are well groomed and sign-posted and meander through woods, fields, and alongside the Skunkamaug River which marks the lower boundary of the property. The terrain is varied and inviting, and the various routes offer scenic views of the beautiful farm. CEC is home to a large variety of birds and wildlife, and most rides will provide a few sightings. There are several places where you can take your horse into the river, and there is also a stream on the property, so CEC is a great place for getting your horse accustomed to water.

Athene offers Introduction to Trail-Riding lessons, as well as advanced sessions, and accompanied trail-riding. There is so much more to riding than arena work, and CEC offers the perfect environment for enjoying the beauties of nature with a horse!






CEC has a well-designed cross-country course with obstacles appropriate for Elementary through Novice level horses and riders. There are close 15 - 20 jumps in the main field as well as others on the trails (see Trails). Main-field jumps include a hogsback, a roll-tops, coops, log jumps, walls, tables and more. There are also beginner-level ground poles  cavalettis and low logs so even the most inexperienced can get a feel for negotiating obstacles outside of the arena. Many CEC lessons (flat and O/F) are taught in the cross-country field so that riders and horses can experience the benefits of being outside.

Athene offers Introduction to Cross-Country lessons as well as more advanced sessions. She is available for cross-country clinics and group lessons and is happy to work with riders and horses on particular challenges.

Contact Athene by e-mail at, or by phone at 860-942-3942

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